About us


The association of the New Pentecost Churches is inspired by the origins of pentecostalism, and then to a conservative vision of the pentecostal doctrines, with a strong emphasis on the sanctification, but without having any closure towards the genuine movement of the Holy Spirit and ecclesiological innovations for a better comparison with the times.

The purpose of our churches is to reach those people living away from Christ, in crisis with their own consciences, deceived by their religious life and preaching to them a simple and accessible to all Gospel. All that without any conflict with other religious realities in our country. 

As Jesus did we have searched for “what was lost”, so that many young and adults people have experienced a spiritual birth with Christ. We have the apostolic vision to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth, to open and take care of churches wherever the Lord will send us.

An old motto of our mother church is: “From Italy, to Italy, Europe and the world”.